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Looking for the right reusable packaging? We have them all!

Coffee cup with drinking lid

Big or small, hot or cold, our reusable cups can house it all and are unmissable in the to-go business. Our cups and lids are made of high quality polypropylene and hold 200, 300 or 400ml. They are issued as standard with the drinking lid, which bears the QR code

Bowls S,M and L

Our leak-proof and highly nestable reusable bowls are available in three different sizes with a volume of 500 ml, 750 ml or 1250 ml. They are suitable for countless delicious dishes, such as crisp salads, hot soups or fresh pasta. The Vytal Bowls are BPA-free, heat-insulating, aroma-proof and heat-resistant. They are produced in the Odenwald, locally in Germany

Reusable Menu Bowl

With the compartment bowl, the main course and side dishes can also be conveniently packaged individually for take-away. It is also made of polypropylene and holds a total of 1000ml. Like our standard bowls, it can be put in the dishwasher and microwave

Reusable Burger Box

In our new reusable packaging, burgers and fries can be transported safely and in style. The burgers stay warm but crispy at the same time and no longer fall apart into all their individual parts when unpacked

Reusable pizza container

Our innovative reusable pizza packaging is perfect for all pizzas with a diameter of up to 33cm. The packaging is child's play and intuitive to use, heat-insulating and thanks to ventilation slits, the pizza stays nice and crispy

Reusable sushi container

We have also thought of something for sushi lovers. All kinds of rolls stay fresh and delicious in the BPA-free reusable sushi container. They are easy to stack, hold 500 ml and are also dishwasher safe, but not microwaveable

Reusable long drink cup

The long drink tumbler with a 500 ml capacity is the perfect solution for thirsty people on the go. The cup is made of polypropylene and can therefore safely transport all types of drinks up to 85 degrees. The lid also has an opening for straw straws of all kinds. Thanks to the transparent look, your colorful juice creations, cocktails or long drinks will be visible to everyone


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